Friday, 23 October 2015

New Subscriber Installation Failing With 10.5 After DRS Restore

I recently encountered this bug in 10.5 which breaks the ability to install subscribers after a DRS restore. As Cisco's official P2V method is to do a DRS backup from the physical machine & then a DRS restore to an identically configured virtual machine, this largely applies to upgrade projects where you have to P2V CUCM as it was running on a physical MCS 7800 series server.

With the upgrade I was working on, the subscriber installation would get stuck after validating network connectivity to the publisher with a very helpful error message:

There is a bug report (CSCus35964) for this & a patch ciscocm.Fix_DRS_Recovery_v1.0.k3.cop.sgn that must be installed on the publisher, then the publisher rebooted.

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