Wednesday, 28 December 2016

ESXi 6.0 & 6.5 VMware Tools Missing or Not Started

Ran into this one after upgrading my lab to ESXi 6.5, the VMware tools status was showing "Installed but not running" on the VMs:
Then after rebooting them (with "check and upgrade VMware tools before each power on" enabled) the VMware tools status went to "Not installed" on some of the VMs.

It turns out that CUCM, CUC, CIM&P & UCCX are all affected when v10.x of the VMware tools are in use, SELinux interferes with it & the resulting logs can also fill up the free disk space. Full bug details: CSCux90747
There's separate patches for CUCM, CUC, CIM&P & UCCX to resolve this, at the time of writing:

  • CUCM & CUC - ciscocm.VMwareTools2016c.cop.sgn
  • CIM&P - ciscocm.IMP_VMwareTools2016c.cop.sgn
  • UCCX - ciscouccx.VMwareTools2016V2.cop.sgn
At least for UCCX after the patch I still had to reinstall the VMware tools manually via utils vmtools refresh from the CLI after mounting the install ISO.

Wednesday, 21 December 2016

Finding Lines With a Specified External Phone Number Mask

Via the power of SQL queries you can quickly determine what devices & lines have a specified external phone number mask. Handy for homing in on possible causes of calls with incorrect caller ID. Using like in the SQL query means that it's also possible to use certain wildcards (e.g. % being zero or more characters) to aid in the search.

select, d.description, n.dnorpattern, dmap.e164mask from device as d inner join devicenumplanmap as dmap on dmap.fkdevice = d.pkid inner join numplan as n on dmap.fknumplan = n.pkid where dmap.e164mask like '%2081234567' order by

The output will include the device name, device description, DN & external phone number mask of any matching devices & lines:

admin:run sql select,d.description,n.dnorpattern,dmap.e164mask from device as d inner join devicenumplanmap as dmap on dmap.fkdevice=d.pkid inner join numplan as n on dmap.fknumplan=n.pkid where dmap.e164mask like '%2081234567' order by
name            description     dnorpattern e164mask
=============== =============== =========== =============
SEPF09E636E5656 SEPF09E636E5656 1000        +442081234567
SEPF09E636E5657 SEPF09E636E5657 1001        +442081234567