Tuesday, 11 June 2013

Upgrades from 6, 7 & 8 to 9 Best Practices

Handling an upgrade to CUCM 9.x involves wrangling with half a dozen different documents, such as the compatibility guide, supported servers matrix and the relevant version's upgrade guide. The process is made all the more complicated if you need to migrate from a physical MCS server to a virtualised install. Fortunately Cisco have written a succinct guide to the best practice for an upgrade, including physical to virtual migration: Operational Guide for Cisco Unified Communications Manager

Tuesday, 4 June 2013

Troubleshooting Lack of Music on Hold

A quick run down of common causes for not receiving music on hold, symptoms include tone on hold or silence.

Multicast MoH
Multicast routing must in place across the entire path to the endpoint receiving the MoH stream, the MoH server in CallManager must set the TTL value to a high enough value to reach the endpoint, the default is 2 hops.
If the endpoint is connecting via the PSTN, the PSTN gateway must have the "ccm-manager music-on-hold" command configured to stream multicast MoH to the PSTN interfaces.

MoH Settings
No MoH configured for the device putting the endpoint on hold, or invalid MoH source configured.

Media Resources
The MoH server selected by the endpoint's MRGL lacks the MoH source file, as these must be uploaded to each server separately.

Unicast MoH
The location that the endpoint and/or MoH server reside in has reached the maximum specified bandwidth, therefore the MoH stream is rejected by call admission control (CAC). Note that Multicast MoH is exempt from CAC.

The region configuration for the endpoint and MoH server selected a CODEC that MoH isn't transmitted in. By default MoH is only sent in G711 format, you must enable G729 under the IP Voice App Streaming service parameters.

Access Lists
There must be no access lists that block the multicast MoH IP address (e.g., or traffic from the MoH server's IP address in the case of unicast MoH.