Tuesday, 4 December 2012

United Arab Emirates PSTN Route Patterns

I recently had to configure a UC540 for use in the Dubai, unfortunately CCA doesn't have any dial plan templates for the UAE. Below is the route patterns for a simplified UAE dial plan:

Route PatternDescription
00!International calls
971Water or electrical emergencies
999Police and emergencies
[2-8]XXXXXXLocal calls
0200XXXXXShared cost services
0300XXXXXReserved for future use
0400XXXXXFree access services
0500XXXXXShared revenue services
0600XXXXXFixed cost services
0700XXXXXShared cost services
0800XXXXXFreephone services
0900XXXXXPremium services
0[234679]XXXXXXXNational area codes