Friday, 21 March 2014

Attendant Console Installation Problems

Installing the Attendant Console usually involves me tripping over one or more of the following problems...

Remote Desktop
The Cisco TAPI driver installation fails to work properly if you're using remote desktop to connect to the AC server. Use VNC, physical or  VM console access to do the installation.

TAPI Driver Configuration Failure
Sometimes despite using VNC or physical access to do the installation, the Cisco TAPI driver fails to be configured correctly. If you open the Control Panel "Phone and Modem" applet & select the Advanced tab there should be "CiscoTSP001.tsp" or similarly named present in the list of Providers. If it's not present you need to click Add & select it from the list, if it's not in this list manually install the Cisco TAPI driver. If you select "CiscoTSP001.tsp", click Configure & none of the settings inputted during the Attendant Console installation are actually present, you'll need to enter them again into the various tabs. If the Timer Settings on the Advanced tab are absent, then use the following:

Synchronous Message Timeout15 seconds
Requested Heartbeat Interval30 seconds
Connect Retry Interval30 seconds
Provider Open Completed Timeout50 seconds

Error -206 When Synchronising to Cisco Unified Communications Manager
The device synchronisation will fail with the following error message:

Error Code: -206
Error Description: The specified table (owneruserid) is not in the database.

This error occurs if your template device has a Subscribe CSS configured, the Cisco AC troubleshooting guide says "To prevent this error, edit the Phone Template Configuration to include an Owner User ID under the Device Information. We recommend that you use the Application User ID allocated for Cisco Unified Attendant Console Advanced for the Owner User ID". However this is incorrect as it isn't possible to assign an Application User as the owner of a phone, therefore the solution is either to have no Subscribe CSS configured or assign an End User (not Anonymous).

CTI Devices Not Registering
If everything looks OK (e.g. application user group membership & device association) but the CTI devices refuse to register, first make sure the Common Device Profile they're using has only IPv4 enabled. Currently enabling IPv6 prevents the AC from controlling the CTI devices.
Sometimes it's also necessary to un-install & then re-install the TAPI driver, you can download the correct version from CUCM under Application > Plugins > Cisco TAPI Driver. See the previous note about TAPI driver configuration.

For any other issues refer to the latest CUAC Advanced Troubleshooting Guide.