Friday, 14 August 2015

UCCX Editor Script Repository and Reactive Debugging Not Working

In UCCX 10.0 Cisco decided to change the way UCCX works so that hostnames not IP addresses are used for inter-server communication. The UCCX Editor was also changed to use hostnames, resulting in the odd situation where you can authenticate against the UCCX server by IP address, but browsing the script repository or using reactive debugging doesn't work. This is because the UCCX Editor will try to use the hostname of the UCCX servers, if the DNS A records don't exist or you're connected via a VPN without correct DNS configuration then the DNS resolution will fail & these features won't work. The error message provided is pretty vague on this, for example if you try to use reactive debugging it will get stuck with the message "Engine hostname list is empty. Check the ldap for enabled unified ccx engines".
The solution is to kludge it by editing your local hosts file to contain the hostname & FQDN of the UCCX server(s). On Windows edit the file C:\Windows\System32\drivers\etc\hosts, example entries below:      perry


  1. Oh man I tried that and no progress. I'm on 10.6. It has worked on other servers, same version.

  2. Oddly enough, this same error occurs if you have the 10.5 editor on your machine, and you attempt to connect to a 10.6 UCCX instance. Has nothing to do with the host file (in my case). I uninstalled the 10.5 editor, installed the 10.6 editor, and the problem was resolved.

    If you crack open the logs under the wfavvid directory, you'll see in the log file a cryptic line about an unsupported version when this happens.

  3. Thanks that's an interesting find. The CCX Editor certainly has some quirks, even as of 10.6 is has problems with Windows 8 or later.