Thursday, 20 November 2014

Jabber SIP URI Dialling Check List

Quick check list for enabling calls to SIP URIs in Jabber:

  1. In LDAP Directory configuration set Directory URI to "mail" (i.e. use email address for URI).
  2. Configure a SIP Profile for use by Jabber with "Use FQDN in SIP requests" & "Allow presentation sharing using BFCP" enabled. Any SIP Trunk carrying URI calls will also need a SIP Profile with "Use FQDN in SIP requests" enabled.
  3. In Enterprise Parameters set the Organisation Top Level Domain & Cluster FQDN (e.g. & *
  4. In Enterprise Parameters set the Directory URI Alias partition.
  5. In CallManager Service Parameters check that SIP Max Incoming Message Size is >= 11000.
  6.  On the SIP trunk to the VCS Control/Expressway-C set Calling and Connected Party Info to "Deliver URI and DN".
  7. In jabber-config.xml under <Policies> put <EnableSIPURIDialling>true</EnableSIPURIDialling> & <DirectoryURI>mail</DirectoryURI>.

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