Tuesday, 21 October 2014

Ordering Personal MultiParty & Expressways

Cisco have started bundling some nice new toys at no extra charge if you have valid ESW & UCSS contracts in place. CUWL Pro users get Personal MultiParty, which is a combination of TelePresence Conductor & TelePresence Server to enable 4 participant video conferences. All licence levels (UCL Essential aside) get Expressway-C & Expressway-E virtual machines to enable Mobile and Remote Access for Jabber.
Unusually for existing deployments you don't use PUT to request the relevant install media & licences, instead you must place orders for zero cost items with your Cisco Partner.
The top level part codes that can be used are:
  • L-CUWL-MISC for Personal MultiParty
  • R-UCL-UCL-LIC-K9 for Expressways
An example bill of materials for 50 users Personal MultiParty & 4 Expressways (so they can be clustered) looks like this:

1.0    L-CUWL-MISC    Unified Workplace Licensing - Top Level -  Misc Addon Only        x1
1.0.1    CON-SES4-CUWLMISC    SC ESS ADV SAS Unified Workplace Licensing-Top Level        x1
1.1    LIC-PM-V-USRA-UWL    Personal Multiparty Video for Virtual Machine            x50
1.2    LIC-CNDTR-PMP-K9    Conductor License for Base Encrypted Software Image        x1
1.3    LIC-VTS-PMP-INTOP    Order L-VTS-UPG-PAK for e-Delivery Virtual TS Interop Lic    x2
1.4    LIC-VTS-PMPUWL-1SL    Cisco TelePresence Server Resource License            x10
1.5    LIC-VTS-PMP-PAK    PAK for e-Delivery Virtual TS Lic                    x1
1.6    VMCNDCTR-PMP-K9    Virtual TelePresence Conductor  supports Personal Multiparty        x1
1.7    SW-VTS-V4.X-PMP-K9    Software Image v4.X for Virtual TelePresence Server        x2
1.8    LIC-AES-VTS-PMP-K9    AES and HTTPS option for VTS                    x2
1.9    LIC-CNDTR-PMP-B30    Conductor license support up to 30 bridges            x1
1.10    LIC-CNDTR-PMP-CL    Conductor clustering support                    x1
1.11    LIC-VMCNDTR-PMP-PK    PAK for virtual Conductor                    x1
1.12    SW-CDTR-2.X-PMP-K9    Cisco TelePresence Conductor base software image v2.X        x1
1.13    LIC-VTS-PMP-K9    Cisco VM TelePresence Server Release Key                x2
1.14    VTS-PMP-K9    Cisco VM Telepresence Server                        x2
1.15    LIC-CNDR-PMP-C2400    Conductor 2400 call sessions license                x1
2.0    R-UCL-UCM-LIC-K9    Top Level SKU For 9.x/10.x User License - eDelivery        x1
2.0.1    CON-ESW-RUCLUCK9    ESSENTIAL SW Top Level SKU For 9.                x1
2.1    EXPWY-VE-C-K9    Cisco Expressway-C Server Virtual Edition                x2    CON-ESW-EXPWYVEC    ESSENTIAL SW Cisco Expressway-C S                x2
2.2    EXPWY-VE-E-K9    Cisco Expressway-E Server Virtual Edition                x2    CON-ESW-EXPWYVEE    ESSENTIAL SW Cisco Expressway-E Server Virtual Editi        x2
2.3    SW-EXP-8.X-K9    Software Image for Expressway with Encryption Version X8        x1
2.4    LIC-EXP-E-PAK    Expressway Series Expressway-E PAK                    x1
2.5    LIC-SW-EXP-K9    License Key Software Encrypted                        x4
2.6    LIC-EXP-GW    Enable GW Feature (H323-SIP)                        x4
2.7    LIC-EXP-SERIES    Enable Expressway Series Feature Set                    x4
2.8    LIC-EXP-TURN    Enable TURN Relay Option                        x2
2.9    LIC-EXP-E    Enable Expressway-E Feature Set                        x2
2.10    LIC-EXP-AN    Enable Advanced Networking Option                    x2

To enable video calls through the Expressways requires Rich Media Session licences to be installed on every Expressway (both C & E). Simply add LIC-EXP-RMS under the options for the Expressways, each licence equates to 1 sessions, so select the quantity based on the of calls you want through each one.
Finally note that you have to be careful when redeeming the PAK codes you receive as LIC-EXP-E-PAK & LIC-VTS-PMP-PAK will have multiple licence quantities attached that will need to be fulfilled against different serial numbers to receive the option keys.

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